Integrated XP on Windows 7….

Windows 7 a perfect client Operating System, a lot of new features on less memory consumption as well as high Performance and a lot of drivers having inside it. We the IT student are so much curious to the Windows 7 that we had started to use since the Beta version of it has been released. And me too the user of Windows 7 since it was on Beta. I was so excited to try it first as to see its performance I was so much impressed. But Later on I got known some compatibility problem on Windows 7. I do have a Internal TV card of Phillips SAA7130, Windows 7 has detected my TV Card driver but also I was unable to watch my TV on Windows 7. and as I was searching for the solution of its, i got to know that Windows XP is integrated in Windows 7 RC through which now i am able to watch TV on my PC. The great thing is you don’t need to reboot your PC to get start with XP you just need to click and proceed with username and password as in real PC. Here i am Blogging about how to get work your integrated XP on Windows 7 RC. To get started to use Integrated XP on your PC you should also need to check the Compatibility of your Intel Chips for Virtualization.

Advantage of Virtualization.

  • Your PCI slot hardware, Hardisk and other real hardware interface get integrated with your Virtual PC’s Windows XP.
  • No need to get Reboot to get Start your XP.
  • Security Policy as in Real Machines.
  • Dual System can be run at a same time.

Softwares to Download:-

Intel Processor Identification Utility (For Intel Chipset)

AMD Virtualization Compatibility Check Utility. (For AMD Processor)

Update Package KB958559 Click to Download

Virtual Windows XP Click to Download

Here the Steps are to be done:-

  • First you need to Identify whether your Chipset Supports Virtualization or not. For that you need to install Intel Processor Identification Utility or if you have AMD processor you need to install AMD Virtualization Compatibility Check Utility.

1. verification


  • If your Processor Supports virtualization then you can initialize your Windows XP on your Windows 7
  • Now you need to update your Windows 7 with update package KB958559 and then get restart your computer.
  • After restart install the File Virtual Windows XP. (Virtual Windows XP contain the file in extension .VHD)
  • While Installing Virtual Windows XP your systems for XP get ready to use.
  • Now you can just go to start menu and Click on windows virtual PC there you can find he option Virtual Windows XP.

11.start menuEnjoy your XP inside the Windows 7…………

As usual here my snapshots….you guys will get surprise to see this.

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The Snapshots are in Sequence so that you guys may know the steps…

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