What’s new in IE9?

Microsoft Redmond has released it successive version of IE8 on the test version  under the name of IE9. As Predicted this is some big stuff for the Microsoft as from MIX10.As we know, Microsoft really let Internet Explorer rot away, allowing competitors to make much better browser with better standards compliance and performance.

So, What’s new in IE9?
First, there’s a new javaScript engine called”Chakra”. It is a much faster engine then that of its previous version of IE,a and it currently performs somewhere inthe middle compared to other major browsers. The interesting thing about it is that IE9 will run Chakra(and thus, JavaScript code) on a separate thread, on a separate core(if available).

That’s not the only thing that IE9 handed….it handles text, graphics,and SVG rendering will be hardware acclerated as well, providing, according to Microsoft at least, better performance than other Browsers.

The main technologies to call out here broadly are HTML5, CSS3, DOM, and SVG,” Microsoft writes, “The IE9 test drive site has more specifics and samples. At this time, we’re looking for developer feedback on our implementation of HTML5’s parsing rules, Selection APIs, XHTML support, and inline SVG. Within CSS3, we’re looking for developer feedback on IE9’s support for Selectors, Namespaces, Colors, Values, Backgrounds and Borders, and Fonts. Within DOM, we’re looking for developer feedback on IE9’s support for Core, Events, Style, and Range.”

At the Platform Preview site, there’s a whole bunch of browsers tests to perform, and, of course, you can download the latest IE9 build – new territory for Microsoft.