Active Directory GPO Information Summary

Group Policy are the essential factors of the Active Directory Domain Controller, if anyone is using the Active Directory on their environment the first thing he would like to configure is GPO. Which will control the method of giving facility and responsibilities to the users, but in the same organization it does have less GPO then it is quite easy to manage. But what if it does have more GPO’s….??? it will be quite difficult to manage it, as well keep tracking of the GPO. With this script, I am trying to give the easiness on the management of GPO. This script will provide you the report on which GPO do have what kind of the information’s.

As of the regular Scripting, I have upload the same easier method to know the full detail summary of the GPO information using the PS script. This will give the details on the policy, Policy where it has been linked, Created Time, Modified time, has it been used for user policy or for the Computer policy and finally the scope of the users too.

You can download this script from HERE.

Below is the sample image that will describe how the results will look like.


Hope you would like this table chart.

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