[Solved] Error- unable to sync DirSync for Office 365

Hey, anyone who has suffered with the issue ‘Unable to complete this action. Try again later‘ or ‘An error occurred while executing the ‘Set-MSOLDirSyncEnabled’ command. Unable to complete this action. Try again later.’ Here is the solution for it.



To solve this issue, I logged in to my ‘Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell’ as of below

Check the available domain for my current tenant, found that I do have one domain ‘pdhewaju.mail.onmicrosoft.com’ was Unverified. And this is the issue I am facing while syncing DirSync, whenever we enable our DirSync for office 365 at the same time it need to create ‘*.mail.onmicrosoft.com’ domain.  Basically, the use of this domain is at the time of Hybrid configuration of Exchange on-premises and Cloud not only that but also for the migration and co-existence of Office 365 with Exchange on-premises, Lotus Domino or any other.

So, to get fix this I removed the unverified domain with cmdline:

And enable the DirSync with

After the successful running of command, check if the domain that was unverified earlier is now verified for not.

Once it is verified, your sync will get started.

Thank you… Hoping to get your comments on this.

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