[Solved]Something went wrong and we haven’t been able to send your message yet


Few day back, I was doing some testing on my Exchange 2016 installed on Windows Server 2016. I had an Active Directory server 2016 on my back-end to authenticate the Exchange Server. A moment ago, everything was running well and suddenly the mail-flow got stopped by prompting the error ‘Something went wrong and we haven’t been able to send your message yet’ and message started to get save in draft. Which I was not able to resend.

I thought this might be issue with my transport service and started to check each and every service… but no luck… I was still stucked with same error.


The first thing I made check on the DNS of the Exchange server, found it to be good. Nothing need to change.

Then I reboot my exchange server, if it is issue with the reboot because of any update got stucked and waiting for reboot to complete the sequence. After reboot, I checked it again… no luck still same issue. Somewhere in the internet I found this might be the DNS issue, although NSLookup is working good I made change on the HOST file of the Exchange server with the IP and HOSTNAME of the ACTIVE DIRECTORY.

And bingo… it is working. I don’t know why the DNS was working even though NSLOOKUP was good. But when I made change on the HOST FILE of the Exchange Server, everything is working good.


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