[Solved] Couldn’t find Enterprise Container

Hi Guys, Exchange 2019 is still on the RTM version. And when you do have properly uninstalled earlier Exchange, you might get an issue of ‘Couldn’t find Enterprise Container‘ while reinstalling the Exchange 2019. Over this blog giving the solution on how we can fix the issue ‘Couldn’t find Enterprise Container’ while preparing AD for the new Exchange server.

So how do I fix this issue??? To fix this issue it is quite simple. You just need to clean up the traces of your exchange container from Active Directory.

  1. Open ADSI Edit on your Active Directory
  2. Connect ADSI to Default naming Context.
  3. Browse to your Domain name.
  4. Clean up Microsoft Exchange Security Groups and Microsoft Exchange System Objects containers

  1. Again Connect to Configuration on ADSI Edit
  2. Expand Configurationà
    Services and Delete Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover Containers.

Once you clean up all these traces, try again with preparing AD with

Hope this will hep you to resolve your issue.

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