Block Self-Service Purchase for Power-Platform

Office 365 has been one of the most popular platforms the users as well as Admins around the world. With the SAAS model admin are now able to increase creativity to reduce the efforts for any IT related jobs. But with all the advantages, some of the admins are facing issue from the users purchasing Power-Platforms (Power BI, PowerApps and Power Automata formerly Flow). Self-service purchase capability is automatically enabled by default. Due to which users in organization can directly purchase subscriptions without contacting their IT department resulting purchaser are responsible for their own billing information, subscription and license management. In some case this might be useful, but in some they don’t want. So, on this blog I will be helping on how to Block Self-service purchase for Power-Platform.

Although self-service purchase capabilities will start rollout form January 14, 2020, looking after the easiness of admin it has been provided before the rollout date for IT admin. To manage the Power-Platform, Microsoft has created a new PowerShell Module ‘MSCommerce‘. Currently the MSCommerce module do have capability of

  • View the Self-Service Purchase status for your tenant
  • View the list of power products along with its self-service purchase status
  • Modify the self-service purchase option for each power products.

To manage the Self-Service Purchase, we need to follow following steps.

1. Install MSCommerce PowerShell Module:

2. Verify Self-service Purchase Status:

3. View the list of Power Products and its Self-Service Purchase Status:

4. Change the Self-Service Purchase Status for Power Products:

To disable self-service purchase for Power Apps

To disable self-service purchase for Power Automate

To disable self-service purchase for Power BI

Overall you can have final view of this

In short after installing MSCommerce Module you can run this cmdlet to configure.

Hope this be helpful

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