[How to] Resolve Fatal Error: Allowed memory size of 33554432bytes exhausted in WordPress.

On the latest version of WordPress 2.9.1, While upgrading it we have got the error message displayed by the WordPress Dashboard as “FATAL ERROR:ALLOWED MEMORY SIZE OF 33553332 BYTES EXHAUSTED(tried to allocate 1585313 bytes)”.This error didn’t allow to upgrade your WordPress blog to the latest version. The errr Concepts the WordPress has gone out  of memory and needs more memory to run a process than the default PHP setting (usually 12M and in some cases 32M).

Here the process is how to get reslove to this matter.

1. Login to your Host’s FTP Manager or the CPANEL and open the wp-config.php file. This file is located right inside your WordPress installation in your server. You can either open it in any code editor or download a local copy.

2. Once you open the config file, you can see few lines of code which defines your MySQL connection string. Below that add this line of code.

3. Now open the WordPress dashboard and try upgrading WordPress, the error should not occur now. This error basically happens when WordPress runs out of memory and instead of 64M, you can also try 32M if it works out.

Bingo…………..now you can upgrade to the new version of wordpress.

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