What new in Windows 8?

After the successful launch of Window 7, Microsoft is now working hard to plan the next iteration of the Windows Client and Server Platforms. But even thought the successor of Windows 7, commonly referred under the codename 8, was in planning, the Redmond company is not sharing any details on the release with the public and the silence is still continues when the first reports indicating that Microsoft has actually kicked off the development process for windows 8 began emerging.

The details were published on a blog post from January 31st, 2010, titled “What’s in store for the next Windows.” (via ActiveWin). The post has since then been removed, but users can still access it via Google Cache and read it entirely. Another aspect discussed in the article is the Windows 8 moniker. According to the PM, there’s little point in calling the successor of Windows 7 Windows 8, since the label is not definitive. Steven Sinofsky, president, Windows and Windows Live Division, objected in the past to the use of Windows 8 label for Windows vNext. And of course, there’s no guarantee that Windows 8 will be the official brand under which the next iteration of the client will be released to customers, even though codename Windows 7 ended up as Windows 7.

Now, the only question is, of course, whether the fact that Windows Next is going to be different than users expect it to be makes Windows 8 revolutionary rather than evolutionary, as Windows 7 was to Windows Vista.

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