[Solved]convert .vbs script to .exe

Previously I was working on some blog that refers to how to give the elevated privilege to the normal user for using some specific application. It was quite tricky but too much useful to me. I have been working on one local project of the college on which I have to design these things and I was able to do it . I have to make sure that the script I have compiled that should not be allowed by the student to be seen. And as I have previously explained on my blog the script was on .VBS which was quite easy to get peek by the student. To make it more secure and more efficient I did some modification by encrypting my script and changing it to *.exe format. So get encrypt it I had gone through the google and bing for number of days and finally got an software to convert the *.VBS script to the *.EXE scritp . It was better also as it get encrypt the VBS script by 128 bits.

Here you can download it.

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