Teams Membership Limit Raised

Microsoft Teams has been one of the most popular apps in office 365. This was a long back people has been asking to increase the no. of membership in Microsoft Teams. Earlier the number was limited 1000 per Team now it has been increased to 5000. Not only that there are also few other changes on the Limits of Microsoft Team as of below.

Teams and channels

Feature Maximum limit
Number of teams a user can create Subject to a 250 object limit¹
Number of teams a user can be a member of 1,000
Number of members in a team 5,000
Number of owners per team 100
Number of org-wide teams allowed in a tenant 5
Number of members in an org-wide team 5,000
Number of teams a global admin can create 500,000
Number of teams an Office 365 tenant can have 500,000²
Number of channels per team 200 (includes deleted channels)³
Number of Private channels per team 30
Channel conversation post size Approximately 28 KB per post4

¹ Any directory object in Azure Active Directory counts towards this limit. Global admins are exempt from this limit, as are apps calling Microsoft Graph using application permissions.

² This limit includes archived teams.

³ Deleted channels can be restored within 30 days. During these 30 days, a deleted channel continues to be counted towards the 200 channel per team limit. After 30 days, a deleted channel and its content are permanently deleted and the channel no longer counts towards the 200 channels per team limit.

4 28 KB is an approximate limit because it includes the message itself (text, image links, etc.), @-mentions, number of connectors, and reactions.


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